Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last firing of 2008

Passing freight train. Not snowing yet.

Yesterday, it was very windy and warm, gusting up 50 mph and 54F during glazing.

Today, it is the great day for firing, calm and very cold, 30F. Our weather is very much influenced by the jet steam and the lake Ontario. I have never seen the weather forecast during the TV news program so much emphasized. It seems half of the news is spent for the weather rather than news stories, and the forecast is not accurate even 3-4 hours ahead. I still watch and believe the weather forecast. The lake Ontario and the direction of the winds over the lake, rule the winter weather here. We get several inches of the snow at one area, and none just outside the range of the wind flow, within 10 -15 miles. Have you driven through the mountains, and getting out of the tunnel and got white out? It is very similar to that. Jet steam is push around by the cold air from the North Pole and the warm and moist air from the gulf coast. And, forecasting 5" of snow by tomorrow morning...

(radar picture taken from http://www.whec.com/)

I spilled a pot of coffee in the Wegmans bag yesterday, and the bottom of my camera got soaked. Yikes. I took out a battery and a memory card, and left the camera over the furnace vent over night. This morning, it turned on but did not want to take pictures. I took out a screwdriver and start disassembling.... Took out four screws and tried to remove the rear case, it moved slightly, but could not remove completely as I could not unscrew one behind the flash. I put back the screws, and just in the case, I tried the camera. Yes, it working now. I may have loosen up sticky sugared coffee stuck around some part of control panel. Maybe I got lucky break.

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