Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to work

Autoracks parking in the yard. Excess of the empty autoracks are needed to park somewhere, I guess.

I store my glazes in 30 gallon buckets. Glaze thickness is alway very tricky. I weight 10cc of glaze to meet the target weight of each glaze, 14g to 15.5g depending of glaze (10cc of water weights 10g) as well as use the hydrometer. During the winter, my studio gets very toasty hot and dry with the steam heater. If I forget to seal the top of the bucket, 1-2" high of the water is easily evaporated. You can see the result almost instantly when painting. Pottery, you really do not know until it is fired. (2-3 days later)

I pour glazes over the bisque ware. Sequence of overlapping glaze gives the different results. I have been using the same glazes for while, and am getting to know how each glaze reacts to each other with different thickness and so on.

My application is always evolving, and that is a fun of it, and this makes the ware fresh look.

The weather looks good for glaze firing.

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