Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back pain

Overlooking the city of Rochester.

Backache seems to come with pottery. Throwing pots at the same position, moving 50lb boxes of clay and heavy shelves, etc.. This is labor intense job.

I visited my chiropractor, Dr. Mack Jr. today. Realigned the hip, back and neck. Feel a lot better. I was with the physical therapy last year and found out the way my wheel was set up was too low, and restraining the back. I replaced the wheel last year from my 20-year-old Shimpo brought from Japan, to Pacifica GT-400 with the leg extension.

If you look at two pictures, left is normal height of Shimpo wheel, and right is the wheel sitting on blocks (8-10 inch high), you can see how I bent my back at the lower wheel position. I understand that throwing on a wheel while standing up is really the best way to go. I just could not go that far. It took me while to adjust to new position. I still like the Shimpo wheel's mechanical pedal better, other than that the Pacifica is quiet and handle the clay the same.

With the stretching, the inversion table and the new wheel, my visit to the Dr. Mack has become less frequent, but he is still my lifesaver.

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Graciela Testa Lynt said...

Chiropractic adjustments are part of my "throwing routine" I don't what I'd do w/o my chiropractic doctor! One of the things I haven't done is check the height of my wheel. Thanks for this post... it has made me think about my set up!