Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aruba - part two

Arriving to Aruba from Atlanta. About 4 hours flight. First impression from the airport to the hotel was not that good. Scenery was rather dull and dusty and void spaces, reminded me of India or Philippine. About 30 minutes ride, road sign reads "high raise hotel". Felt like arriving Disneyland or something.

Palm beach. Long stretch of white sand. Water is calm, warm and clean turquoise, but not transparent. Lots of boats come and go for parasailing, tubing, etc. Huts on the beach by the hotel is first come first serve basis. People line up to grab the better spot from 7 in the morning.

Sun is very strong. We used the sun lotion SPF50. It blocks very well as long as you do not miss the spot. I am looks-like a giant panda. Some part is burnt-red, and most part is normal. 30 minutes is enough to really get burned.

Got a beach float and sunbathing on the water was the best. My daughter actually read a book.

Snorkeling tour. I am not good at swimming, and was close to be drown couple times in the past. I am scared of the ocean. Japanese beaches near Tokyo are facing the Pacific Ocean, and have lots of waves. Water is not that warm, either. Anyway, we joined the snorkeling tour, visiting two spots, Catalina Bay and the Antilla Wreck, a 400 ft. German freighter that sank in 1940.

Catalina Bay is shallow bay and very calm water. We saw many different kinds of fish, yellow tail, snapper, blow fish, Grouper. We used the DiCAPac waterproof case with Canon SD-1000.

The Antilla Wreck is rather spectacular, choppy ocean, deeper colored. Lots of larger fish. I got panic looking the sunken ship, realizing how deep the water is.

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