Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aruba Part Three

Turquoise color. Shallow water, coral, another shallow water, off shore water, horizon and sky. Four to five shades of turquoise blues. Is this reminding you something?

Native people speak 3-4 languages, English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento. They seem very happy people. On store clerk told me that they put the Aloe at the doorway to make people happy. I think the sun. People in Rochester tend depress during gloomy winter.

North side of island has rough surf.

We saw large population of Cactus. Felt like wandering into the different planet.

Food. We ate lots of great fresh fish. Wahoo, Barracuda, Sea Bass....
Cooking is very simple. Pan fried with some seasonings. Just bring out the taste and texture of the fish. I am amazed to taste the sweetness in the Barracuda meat.

Flight back was rather painful. The immigration of Aruba stopped processing for one hour without any explanation. Turned out, they tried to upgrade the computer system and failed while processing most busy time of the day. Sound like a joke...but true story.

And there were two chat box sitting behind us. We learned their entire life story which rather painful to hear, from wife being professor, son's graduating in Tampa in two weeks to recent break up with engagement because finding real sexual preference. Airplane is like in the movie theater, and please speak quietly. Otherwise your story can be someone's blog....

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