Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

We had “Shabu Shabu” tonight. This is my favorite food, and I used to eat this once or twice a year at Zakuro Ginza in Tokyo. (was very expensive for that time for my pocket). Since I started living in US, I had a craving for “Shabu Shabu”, and decided to cook myself. With a knife, I sliced many steak meat and fingers over the years, but enjoyed the food. Ten years later, my uncle told me to buy the meat slicer. I freeze the NY strip steak, and defrost a bit with microwave, then slice. I have not had any accident since. I wish I knew sooner.

Cooking is very simple. You just “swish and swish” the thin sliced meet in boiling water. This hot water becomes the beef broth and cooks with vegetable later. Napa cabbage and Tofu soaks up the beef broth, which is the best part of this dish, I think.

Finished up with my daughter's birthday cake.

Happy Holidays!

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