Friday, November 7, 2008


It's trimming time. It has been four days since I wrapped these plates under the plastic. I use the combination of the chuck and the grips for bowls and plates. Centering and securing the chuck is done faster with the griffin grips. Chuck is useful for irregular shape and trimming soft greenware. I use the bisqued chuck, but I prefer glaze fired one as the clay sticks easily to chuck. I throwclockwise, and trim counterclockwise. Once a plates is centered on mythe chuck, I make a small hole/dent in the center for finger to hold the piece while trimming outer side. This also compress the clay from
the bottom side. I make a foot,except mugs,
to have smooth transit from bottom to top, as well as
trimming away excess of the clay from the bottom.
Trimmed plates are under the plastic for a couple days for another slow drying.I reclaim These trimmings later.

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