Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tea stalk

Some of my teapot has built-in strainer, which has about 50 holes, and I have been asked about the loose tea with the teapot in the past.

Today, I bought the finest (smallest) loose leaf tea, Ceylon Fannings, which is shredded Ceylon tea. I heard that this Ceylon tea is enjoyed with lots of milk in the morning when you want something strong.

I brewed the tea with boiling hot water, and poured into the mugs. It is good idea to warm up the teapot before pouring the boiling water to avoid thermal shock. I saw some loose leaves in the bottom of mugs, but insignificant.

Modern teapots incorporate the mesh strainer, which is very effective, but loses some enjoyment. When brewing the Japanese green tea, very rarely, a stem of tea passes through the strainer and it stands up in the tea . We believe this is good luck, and you are supposed to drink it without mentioning to others. "Ochabashira. (tea stalk) Tea is standing up."

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Jade Hime said...

Thank you. This was very informative! I have a question tho. I have been wishing for a standing tea leaf in my teacup and today I found three vertical leaves! I drank it happily and then went about telling my friends about it. So my question is - Can you mention it to others after drinking it??