Friday, November 14, 2008

Reclaiming clay

After trimming, clay is recycled to use. Here is how I do. I collect scrap clay from trimming into a plastic bag the clay and let it dry out . Then, I filled the bag with water, soak well.

Then I pour it over the plaster table for drying. One day per one side.

I will pug the clay through the pugmill and put back to the bag for several days. I use the bluebird deairing pugmill for sevral years. Deairing mugmill works like sausage mixer, and takes out all air from the clay with vacumming compressor. I read somewhere that deairing the clay makes the water penerates into the small particle of the clay, therefor elminating the clay maturing period. It is a life saver, and is my best investment ever. Before using the clay, I will pug the clay one more time.

Done one bisque firing, and have another one tomorrow. Glaze firing next week.

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