Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seven faced bird

"Shichimenncho" in Japanese.... Translate to "Seven faced bird". The name comes as it turns the colors of head, red, purple and blue when excited. Not native bird in Japan, I think. Yes, it's Turkey.

I had not tasted turkey growing up in Japan. I am not fond of its taste. It's a bit gamy for me, and I think this is very difficult bird to cook well. Brine worked well for me in the past. I was just amazed the amount of salt for its application, but the cooked turkey was not salty at all.

Over the year, our family spent time out of town during Thanksgiving. This year, we are going to Aruba. I am looking forward to see the turquoise color of turquoise, seas, sky....

The bisque firing is done, and ready to glaze when I get back.

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