Sunday, January 11, 2009


I broke my teapot recently and needed replacement.. I worked on the teapot over the weekend. Here are the parts for the teapot.

Bodies, covers, handles and sprouts are wheel thrown. Bodies and covers are made yesterday, and are ready to trim, when I throw the sprout and the handle. Handle is a bit different. Teapot is small, one cups or so. Green tea tends to brew quickly, and you do not want leave it in the teapot for long time. If you are serving to several cups, pour the equal amount to all cups (each cup) at a time, and repeat the process. So every cup has the same strength of tea, and temperature. I make the built-in strainer, I explained before, usually with 3mm pipe, but bought 2mm pipe for this one. I can put more holes, close to 100. With my new eyeglass, this turned out very time consuming project. I could not focus very well, and kept making the hole at wrong spot.
I am getting close to the first bisque of 2009.


Wally said...
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rhinoceros said...

a randomly. Really cool photo of the trains in this one.