Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reading eyeglass

Snowing again.

Got my first bifocal reading eyeglass couple days ago. “Senior eye-glass” in Japanese. I can see things very this clear now, but things get distorted when trying to read by just moving eyes instead of the head. Very wired feeling. Like going to another dimension. I was told it will take a while, and be patient.

I trimmed and assembled the small casseroles today. It consists of trimming a top, throwing a handle on its top, trimming a body, attaching handles and stamp decoration. I like the knob on top of the cover round shape instead of ribbon-like. I think it is easier to grab.

Since early last year or so, I really need to take the eyeglass on and off while assembling. It was messy, clay caught in hairs, etc. I did not take off the eyeglass at all while finishing ten casseroles today. But, I got really bad neck ache and headache just before finishing. I think because tilting the neck to get the right focus and/or information overload. I am sure I can adjust soon.


Graciela Testa Lynt said...

I can really relate to your problem. I got my progressive lenses a long time ago and I adjusted to everyday usage. However, I've never been able to read with them... so I have reading glasses and in the studio I have to be constantly changing glasses... with all the accompanying mess. But I've embraced the mess since I had no other option... :)

hodaka pottery said...

It is frustrating. I searched the web last night, and found there are two type of people, eye mover and head mover. I am eye mover,and therefore the edge of eyeglass giving me problem. Can I change the habit? I do not know. I am glad I am not alone.